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So the girl from Holland is gone, but with my new view of the world I successfully
made the crush about something higher than just that one girl.
It made it easy form me to start interacting with a Swiss girl I met the other day.
So far so good and I don't have to have a depression each time I generate alot
of feelings with the women and then circumstances removes them from my life.
Now they are an expression for my love of my anima or feminine godess/angel
if you will. I think the major issue many people have with being loving is
that they attach themself to that particular incarnation of femininity.
Now my emotions are an expression of love towards femininity as a whole
and I don't have to worry about any one woman being there.

Now I don't know if this will work for anyone but me.
Much of this pickup field feels stone cold and deap to me.
Not that everyone is that, but I see a lot of rejection of emotions.
Well as long as one attaches oneself to a particular female I guess
feeling is too hard.
I'm unsure how this will affect me in the long run, but it seems to be working for now.
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