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I pushed myself hard on alot of areas lately, but I felt worn down and took a well deserved break for now.

I play computer and watch cartoons oblivious of my motivation system.
The pressure was too much right now.

Oh well you live and learn. I need to rethink my strategy on this.
Probably I need to work on what I tell other people about my life.
I have this tendency to give too much information to people.

Like I have a hard time not answering questions.

The problem is that I make alot of people insecure by telling them
honestly about my plans and stuff. And they start to sabotage me in little
ways so that they can see me fail and feel better about themself again...

It was much worse before tough.
As it is with most things in my life. Everything was worse before!
Now things are better even tough I needed a break...
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