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So I had some success this weekend in being myself.
Just acting like myself and being honest about who I've discovered I am
in MBTI and the Enneagram.
And it works like a wildfire. Chatted up this girl on the train,
had women trying to talk to me on a christmas party.
I'm just letting my inner sensitive guy out.

What did you say? Sensitive????
Isn't sensitive = chode?
Not at all! You see I'm an ISFP.
I'm naturally in tune with people and feelings.
The reason I was so messed up was because I suppressed it for
the macho image that was impossible for me to reach.
That was my chode...
Now being sensitive doesn't mean being a chode.
Cause just because I'm in tune with the moment and the feelings
doesn't mean that I have to act clingy and stuff.

I now screen girls based on the Myers Briggs.
I tell like SJ girls that we would never get along as I'm to
irresponsible for them. NTs I tell that I'm too shallow for them
and NFs that I'm to morally corrupt. The SPs I kinda jive well
with anyway so I just vibe in the moment.
Especially SFPs.

The devil is in the details and it is a lot more in my new way of doing this. But MBTI isn't enough on it's own. If I didn't have RSD I would
have used my newfound sensitivity to others to go UBERCHODE. XD
Thankfully I don't have to go there. =D
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