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I've written down every bad, from my point of view experience that I can remember.
From about 3 years old and up until about 12 years old.
Those I can't remember can't be much of a burden anyway.

What I find is that a lot of pretty insignificant things get blown up to this major story about
me and my failings snowballing out of control as the years go by and emotions are added
almost in layers over the experiences.

What I find is that most of the things are so random.
I could have taken a left turn instead of a right turn one day and it would never have happened
that way.

But here I'm holding myself back with things that happened over 10-20 years ago
that was totally random, happened to a litle kid that had no idea what was going on
at the time and is layered with some meaning some random person passed on to me
in a just as random situation.

BUHU poor me for going trough this traumatic life!!!
I feel very confident right now, like much of the burden is lifted just by having it written down.
It is like all my sins have been forgiven or something.

I will continue this thread in a while.
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