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I've taken to reflect on my life and how it relates to the areas I struggle with here.
I then with the help of Robbins have looked on the submodalities of my different experiences.

I have had a knack of blaming my Christian upbringing for all my troubles.
It had it's part to play, but other factors weigh just as heavily.
Key memories of my young self play a vital part on how I see myself.

Many of those carry a distinctive low status feeling.
I never felt that I was with the cool kids, I never understood them or their ways.
I was weak and easy to bully.
I was afraid of being made fun of and got myself into several unhelpful situations because of it.

Regardless of what happened back then I'm carrying the meaning I put on it back then today.

I have several situations where I feel disempovered even today because what happened.
It is like the meaning I have carried is that, because of these situations my life is set to never
be fulfilling.


I'm going too reinterpret every one of the episodes of my life that disempower me until
I firmly belive that my life is better because of what happened.
Not worse of BETTER!
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