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I've been a bitch!
Some chicks had me do shit without compensation since they objected to my behavior.
This was several months ago.
I've done it all along.
But today I told them, I'm trough!
I don't care to do this anymore.

They where shocked and wanted to talk about it.
I said "I don't want to do that anymore." and ended the conversation.

They thought they owned me like a bitch.
Now I'm free of the shame of being made a bitch!
I didn't dare to discuss it on this blog since I feared the.
You are a comments.
The irony! XD
I fear the people who where supposed to be my support in this struggle.

Every little step I take away from my old behavior is a victory!
Now I don't have to feel that I'm owned by them anymore.
It is weird how we try to ignore the issues closest to us and focus on irrelevant issues that are far away.
Like reading the newspaper and ranting about how world leaders are incompetent.
When we are just as incompetent in our own lives.
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