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What is my status right now?

My motivation system is in ruins!
I have no motivation to do anything since I managed to burn thorugh every episode of Naruto.
The system got of track a long time ago anyway.
I need new goals and a rethink of the system.

I got a knee injury due to the cold winter last week.
That was when my motivation collapsed I guess. Had to sit still for 5 days by order of the doctor.
Watch cartoons was what I did.

So here I am like 400 episodes of Naruto done and the major reward for my system in short supply.
This feels weird.
I never imagined actually working so hard on my goals that I would run out of the motivating factor.
There wasn't that many left when I got my injury.

I guess it is a good thing to get to this void of meaning in  my life.
Else I would not have ranted and gotten a clue from StepVhen about self-image and such.

All I need to do is snap myself out of this daze and find new motivation material.
Is the fault in having external motivation?
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