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I have gone out today and been checked out different places for daygame potential.
I wasn't in the mood for any actual approaching, I just wanted the logistics of moving around handled.
I hate logistics so I need to have that covered seperately.
I havn't done daygame since I moved so I haven't any real idea of where to go once I leave the house.
And then you never do leave the house.

I learned pros and cons of different malls and shopping districts.
I know I havn't done too mush of stuff like this lately,
but that is mainly cause I was hung up over this girl.

I manage to extract myself emotionally without actually loosing contact with the girl.
That is a first for me I guess. :)

Me going out and getting to know my environment with this in mind is beyond doubt proof
that I'm over obsessing.
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Hey Dude,

I hear you when you asay you are hung up over a girl but at least you are making the effort to go out.

Day game seems hard, I'm new to this whole thing and approaching when girls are drunk is hard enough never mind when they are sober. However good luck to you!!
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To be honest the daygame went down the drain when things got a little hectic around me lately.
At least I managed to stop caring about the girl, and realized that it wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Good of you to remind me what I was up to!
Cause then I can get going again where I left of.
I've kinda unstuctured so I have a hard time following up on things.

I will have to get started again then! :)
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