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So I've caught myself getting a bit too into the Romanian girl.
It is not so bad as it was in the past, I managed to catch it in time.
Still it made me sort of like lose some standing in her eyes I guess.

So I just sat back and was like damn, look at me being all reactive and shit.
So I turned over to someone else and talked to them, as I only been able to
meet her at this venue thing. She structures her life very elegantly and makes herself
hard to get at. Making you feel like trying harder.
Like I guess that if I can't act like a man around her it is no reason to  actually engage her.
I'm not there to be a suck up.
So what happened was that this spanish trio showed up.
Two girls and one guy and I got into a conversation with them instead.

One of the girls was way into me and shit and I was like okay...
Touching me constantly and stuff.
So anyway aftere a while the other too got a bit touchy.
Probably from seeing her friend really worked up.

Kinda forgot about the Romanian girl and got the phone number of the second girl.
She suggested we meet up to learn language from each other... Oh well sure.
I guess it was a good thing as she is just as cute as the Romanian girl,
but I don't think she is as hard to approach like there seem to be this barrier between us.
Something isn't natural. I dunno. Maybe she is an attention junkie or something.

Like she always have like 4-5 guys as an audience every single time I see her.
So I did an experiment and pulled one of the most "cool" of them out of the circle of
admiration and talked to her one on one, and surprise she made sure that she somehow got contact. Pointing at the guy I was talking to and he turned and wanted to know what it was. "Oh I just pointed to a random guy you know" she said.
So I said to the guy. "Hi five for us random guys!" Then I said it was getting late after a minute or two, and I left.
Like okay, if she want to have that thing, sure. I'm not sticking around for that.
I will interact with her on facebook and only if I get to meet her one on one will I bother.
I'm not going to compete like that.
Might be that the Spanish girl will be so good that I forget about her anyway.
Who knows. ;)

Anyway, even though it didn't go as I wanted it to go tonight with the Romanian girl.
Totally blindsided, by my own expectations and lack of understanding.
Still I learned a lot and got the contact info of the Spanish girl
You can only get where you want to go by doing lots of trial and error.
My biggest sticking point is probably making any one girl I connect with way too important
way too quick. Sort of like starting to put them on a pedestal.
At least I'm catching myself in the act and can like adjust it.
But still it is a big sticking point.
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