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I'm preparing myself for a game of Starcraft.

Okay? But wasn't my goal to stop sitting in front of my computer and start
going out more often to approach chicks?

Yes and Starcraft is helping me do just that!

Huh? Starcraft helping me get girls?

Yes it is the REWARD! The carrot!

I like to play Starcraft so I told myself that for each set amount of approaches
I get x number of plays! And it works! Cause now if I wanna play and I have no playtime
I have to first go meet some women and accomplish whatever is the objective that I've
struggling with at the time.

Only then I get to play Starcraft!
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 Haha. Wow
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lol... I'm looking forward to the new one.  Although, I'll probably still go out and get laid, then come back home and catch a game before the sun comes up. ;)
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Yeah new one is going to be great! And if I'm going to play it trough I need ALOT of approaches...

Just did the math. YIKES!

I start gentle with one approach one game.
After 5 games I need to have two approaches per game. (Thats where I'm at presently)
And after the next 5 I need 3 approaches per game. You get the picture.

However this adds up quickly...
After I've finished the last five set of games that are on my list on the wall.
I have to do 32 approaches per game with the sum total of 2640 approaches!!!

I've given each five set a different color so I don't get lost on when it's time for a new five set.

I belive greatly in my NEED to play computergames!!!
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