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Today I did good!

I've been a little bit in limbo over this one girl.
Having to fight of chode mode while I battle logistics and stay on track with
the rest of my life.

And today I got her to agree to meet me for coffe on friday.
Asking girls for coffe isn't a big deal.
But the way I did it was excellent.!

I had a good relaxed state, bodylanguage, voice tone etc was all covered.
My old patterns are trying weakly to screw it up, but his time they can go fuck themself!

What I need to do now is continue with the momentum I've given myself.
Since I've gotten aquainted with Myers Briggs I've gotten very good at spotting people who
have the same focus as me.
People who appreciate what I have to bring to the table as a person.

And this girl is like that! Fasinated by the same things I like.
So with a little RSD magic spice thrown into the mix she likes me very much.

So all I need now  is to be myself in the area of interests and not confuce my old chode patterns with myself
as they are two separate things.
My hobbies and interests does not equate being a chode.

What I need to do know is plan for the coffe and be nonattached to the outcome.
Whatever happens this is already a win due to the way it got started.
Everything after thisis pure bonus.
I will of course strive to get as much bonus as possible! =D
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