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I've been moving forward lately.

Focusing on real problems and not imaginary ones.

My habits are my main concern.

The most vicious are:

Sugar habits, Porn habits, Computer habits ,Thouht reading habit and Projection habits.
(Thought reading is worrying about what others are thinking)
(Projection is imagining things happening in the future based on my actions good or bad)

What do I mean by this?

These are strong forces that influence my life when my conciousness is not in control.

If I can surpass these I will be far ahead of the game.
My experience is that each of these alone can be controlled,
however if I try to do all one or more will break.

I have however cut back on these quite a lot and my life is better for it.
I notice that the strengths I aquire in handling this spills over into other areas.

I need dicipline to do this stuff.
One thing that I've noticed is that when I do the stuff I'm committed to stop.
The voice of the concious is protesting!
It has somehow been robbed of energy and is soon silenced by an rationalization.

The key is to get the conciousness to rally in weak moments and seize the energy and momentum
needed to "do the right thing",

Things are moving in the right direction as long as I don't pretend that my errors and problems
is anything else than what they are in reality.
It is so easy to decive oneself and not get anything done, when all you need is that little spark of
concious energy to stay the tide of stagnation.
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