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Just saw Tylers last video and it hit home.

Not wanting to deal with the cold approaches cause I feel above it.
Reatreating like the king to my shelter.

I started thinking about the king in warcraft 2 when the orcs win in the end video.
Like the orcs are banging on the door and he calls out for his guards.

I went into that world alot lately, but found it was just CRAZY!!!
Dealing with that crazyness saw me retreating to my martial art skills alot.
Knowing that you can tear a path of death helps your confidence when
random people are getting in your face or a situation with a girl turns bad.

Not that I would try to start a fight, but knowing that I can deal with a fight if it starts
helps alot mentally.


What I realized was that I've made my room into a shelter I retreat to.
And I find it hard to accept other peoples random stupid shit.

As Tyler said, just got to see the humor in it!
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