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A little while has passed since I finished my challenge of approach in daytime.

Since then I have been embroiled in day to day life and catching up on all
the stuff I postponed in that time.

One thing I've been paying alot of attention to is my motivation system.
I've been constantly tuning it to reflect the reality of the challenge it is to motivate myself.

I had a couple of major retoolings of it, but now it's starting to take shape.

Basically it's just a system of points and rewards.
The points are earned by doing things that is easy to postpone.
Approaching girls, physical training,  dental flossing, learning stuff that I decided to learn etc.

I can then buy entertainment: movies, series, novels and games.
In the beginning I get a lot of entertainment cause they are cheap.
But after I've used a certain amount of a type of entertainment the price rises.
It inflates because there are so many points chasing it.

Anyway this motivates me massively to perform,
and the inflation keeps me from becoming stale.

So now if I have no major goals to generate points I don't get to waste my time on entertainment eighter.
I must get goals!!!
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