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This post is about how I percieve the RSD crew from my subjective perspective.
How well I relate or don't to their approach and the reasons why.

Now Tyler I resonate with a lot. If not I wouldn't have came to RSD in the first place.
His break-down of the world is very factual and intuitive. He infers how all this functions
and what pieces goes together and the how and why.

Problems with Tylers approach for me is that it is easy to get stuck in my head when I listen to him.
His perspectives bring me into a sort of detached dream world, where I'm unable to do anything else
than be like wow this is deep stuff. The reason is no fault of Tyler, but just a psychological weakness in myself.

I resonate with Alex on one level, and on another I find it hard to relate. I resonate with his free spirit.
I can totally see what he is driving at with his "do what you want" approach.

I can't relate with Alex issues with the established. I don't have the same give a fuck attitude that he
has toward authority/structure/tradition and I know I couldn't develop it if I tried.

I like Jeffy, we see eye to eye in a way. Still Jeffy is faaaaaaaaaaaaar up that road not taken.
And I feel sometimes that catching up seems like a pipe dream. Still Jeffys ideas are the ones
that isolated I can see myself using. I can never get to Jeffys level, but I can totally see how his general attitude
works and I feel kinda drawn towards going down that path.

The anti perfectionism of ozzie is a very good one, and I know I could loosen up my standards of action for sure.
I've been very perfectionistic at times and even though I've managed to loosen up a bit I still have many issues with
it. Dunno if I have any specific issues with Ozzie. Maybe I need to watch more of him to tell.

Drama. OMG... I hate drama. His approach seem like some version of hell.
To me what he is doing is stuff that I wouldn't bring myself to do ever.
I can see why it works for him, and I can see why it wouldn't ever work for me.

I dunno about Brad. He seem like some reformed conservative to me.
His advice rubs me the wrong way on some level. Like he has this vibe to him that puts me off.
Now what he says is good stuff, but they way he says it makes me wanna disregard it on a subconcious level.
So he is definately not for me.

Hmm havnt' watched him at all actually...
Quick watch... Hmm I actually like Todds way of putting things. Very real and to the point about what
works and why, and why advanced stuff is a problem for newbies. I need to se more of him.

Hmm glad I had this post with myself.
Seems like I need to do alot of Jeffie, some Tyler, some Todd and a little dash of Alex in the future.
If you take issue with me doing this you can go to hell, and give my regards to the devil while you are there. }:-D
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