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Listening to the blueprint again, and I heard the term resisance again...
Duh I've been resisting all this time and transforming it to anger.

What you resist perist.

Hmm I feel like I've been running in circles all this time.
I know that I have dealt with alot of stuff and have risen to a higher level.
I have done many things this last year that was only a vauge dream two years ago.

It's all because of me havig a high ideal of what I want and feeling that I'm not moving towards it
fast enough that I'm complaining.

I have no real problems... I have food, clothes, a roof over my head, a family, some friends, a job....

So all this other stuff is just me breaking trough my own resistance.
I try to force myself to do new stuff that feels uncomfortable.
Being outside my comfortzone more.

Looking back on my life that comfortzone is HUGE compared with any other period of my life.
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