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This weekend.  I was out friday and saturday night.

Alot of stuff happened and  I learned alot about myself, my friends and people
in general.

I had suggested to my friends that our goal for the two nights
was going to be to pull girls to a afterparty at their place.
That didn't happen for various reasons, but you learn from your mistakes.

Lessons learned that stand out:

1. If you have a girl thats into you,
don't let her out of your sight or you will lose her in the chaos.

2. No interactions happens by themself I need to be more proactive.

3. Your buddies goals may not correspond with yours.
In other words don't count on anybody to pull the load other than yourself.

4. Other men are just obstacles to be manuvered around no matter how friendly
they pretend to be all they want is that girl instead of you.

5. If you don't have the right attitude a dancefloor can easily be a waste of time.

After last nights fail to pull to my friends house. I went and slept at my parents house.
(They live in the same city as my buddies I live in the neighbour city, but I visit alot)
They are a bit religious and I've never considered pulling too their house.
But since I've started reading "radical honesty" I asked them quite bluntly what they thought
about me bringing some girl back in the middle of the night from town.
And my father said "I'll guess that would be okay."
WHAT??? I thought they would freak out. Have huge moral reservations and on and on...

So what does this mean? I don't need my friends house to pull home to when I'm in that town.
So no matter what happens with crazy stupid shit with my friends. All I need to do is convince the
girl to come with me, call a taxi and my (self) sabotaging friends can go home alone if they so wish.
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