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So I have been following a certain type of plan.

Good body language and being more outgoing basically.

Long story short I got asked by a pretty girl to go do some stuff.
I then started an automated falling in love/chrushing program
over a couple of days resulting in me getting a adrenaline kick
when we met because of the percieved pressure.

I managed to do damage control so that it wasn't terrible.
But the wibe got really screwed up cause she picked up my state.

Anyway this begs the question.
How to never do that again?

Maybe an attitude of ZERO expectations are best?
But then it is really hard to have a gameplan...

Nomatter what I got brilliant feedback on where i stand on my emotionall balance.
I need to somehow get a better balance even when I'm under preassure.

Moving in the right direction is not all roses.
In fact it seems like the opposite is the case.
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