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So I picked up Tony Robbins Awaken the giant within again.

It is massive, but oh so motivating.
Gotten underway with several issues that I've stalled on earlier due to the motivational boost.

It seems to me that you need to balance all sorts of issues to get anywhere.
On one side you have the triangle of health, wealth and relationships that needs to function.
(Not from Robbins btw)

However if you don't have motivation you get behind on all sorts of stuff and before you know it
you are miserable, being pulled down by lead weights of your own inertia.

Right now I've weeding out unassertivness and approval seeking behaviour.
Lucky me have got a hot new female flatmate to observe my behaviour towards in detail.
It is very revealing and I notice some things in particular.
I have this urge to impress, and an urge to be extra nice for no good reason.
I also want to interact with her given half a chance, like she is going anywhere and I need to camp
in her room to get max exposure...

So I'm stomping those urges out and so far she has showed me VERY good behaviour.
I'm used to hot girls being a bit bitchy and demanding of me, but it seems that I don't give out the
chode ready to be used signals anymore or at least not as strongly.

On a related note I've noticed that females are positioning themself in front of me in a very obvious way when
I've just waiting for the subway etc.
I think my bodylanguage is like drawing them in or something.
A hot girl even initated convo with me at the subway when I was reading a book.
I was shooked... it is not that usual in Norway to talk on the subway to strangers!!!

I've worked hard to get to this point so I sure deserve the fruits of my labour that is finally starting to arrive.
Thinking back on the little nerd I was at 16 that looked up to chodes that actually talked to girls
it is unreal to think that was me back there freaking out if addressed by a girl.
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