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Lately I've been playing around with a speed reading book.
For 3 month or so.

In that time my reading speed has doubled.
This means that I can consume huge amounts of text fast.

So what have I gotten to read now that my speed has increased?

The last week I read trough

"Games People play"
"I'm okay, your okay"
"No more mister nice guy"

These books have helped me a lot in having a more positive attitude toward myself
at the same time I have gotten a better understanding that the hell the people around
me are up to.
All these games....

Anyway from the "No more mister nice guy" book I got these ideas for bettering my
use of time and energy.

Accept "good enough" rather than "perfect"
Finish what you start
Wait with new projects until the old ones are completely finished
Stop excuses
Detach from other peoples problems

I also got some top notch questions

Why did I invite this person into my life?
What do I need to learn from this situation?
How would my view of this situation change if I saw it as a gift?

Needless to say I'm excited by the result this have had on my general view on the world.
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