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So I met the Estonian girl in the park.
Was more physical than usual, but I guessed I managed to screw it up
in convo. Managed to enter this too deep discussion about something,
and forgot that logic is the enemy. So it kind of tapered off and she left
after a little while. Now I learned a lot and can really see what I should have done.

I'm unsure how it will progress from here.
Probably better of finding another one, she is a student and only have time
in the weekend. I think she hoped I would have taken it farther than I did.
But hey this was the first time I ever did anything like this other than my
girlfriend. And then it is different cause you know for a fact that when you
return all the little touches will result in sex.

So I did what any reasonable guy who has ended up turned on,
but not gotten the girl like he hoped.
I went back to the hotel and found the porn.
I felt little guilt over it though, as Tyler said, enjoy your life no matter what.
You are going to do a lot of it so no need to make them bad experiences.
That will only make your life suck more.
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