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I'm having a lot of progress in body language and voice right now.
Many things are just clicking and I get into all kinds of new situations.

I also have whole new classes of problems that I have no idea how to deal with.
It is kind of wexing, knowing that the only response you know to it is nothing or the totally wrong thing.

So I do the nothing thing since I can't bring myself to actually do what I know is wrong.

However this seems to be weirding people out to a certain degree.
But it is a new kind of weirded out. (If that is what it is)
It is sort of an insecurity about me.

I have gotten as far as understanding how it was wrong to do nothing, and that I should have
been playful and touching.

It will probably be allright I guess, but it kinda eats at me and makes me insecure.
I may just be spinning this whole deal in my head that is not as bad as I imagine it.

And that is the point of writing this post.
Just to express how I feel here instead of taking my feelings and doing stupid chode stuff again.
To say you know what, I had this nagging feeling, it made me cringe and wanna act stupid,
but now I'm over it!
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I calmed myself and went on with my own buisness and LOL it turned out to all be in my head!!!
I just met one of the persons I had this imaginary situation with and it turns out that I'm highly respected now.

I just wasn't used to that level of respect and my mind was like... THIS CAN'T BE RIGHT!

But it is right and it is terrific! =D
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