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I was thinking about writing in detail about this,
but  I have too much of a hangover to bother from last night...
Alcohol sucks!

Basicly I told a bully that was in my face that he made me sad.
I told him that he was right, because he was driving at what I usually keep hidden.
As I understand it trying to hide something gives other people power over you
if they know that your hiding something and want to use it against you.

So I just expressed my sadness and didn't try to hide it anymore.

You know not holding back the tears, but not beeing ashamed about the fact that I was crying eighter.

The bully of course crumbled.  A bully doesn't think of himself as a bully.

He was like chear up man!!!
And I just answerd that my past makes me sad and I can't help that.

But the thing is that everybody respects me more because of this.
Cause I dind't like crumble cry. Just express my sadness  with silent tears.

I was honest and said I'm sad now. And I feel much better for it.

Feel that I don't have to hide myself from the world as much.
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Fuckin awesome.

Let the old person you thought was you die in your tears.

That's how it happens, man.
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