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Today I did some projections when I went to the bank.

And after I got home I started thinking that I hadn't really
done enough projections for the day and that I should probably go out again.

Then it hit me that what I was practicing was in part not connected to the real world.
Cause when you think about it seeing a random girl on the other side of the
street or some girl on youtube and imagining them in a positive way in relation to
you relly ain't that different.

And that got me thinking. Where is this going?
I then realized that I future projected the cachier girl at the bank and found that
more difficult since I had an actual interaction with her as I projected.

So the obvious direction this is going is practice on youtube to get really good at
making up good projections in my head whenever I want/need it and then
remember to do it every time I'm interacting with a female to ease the negative pressure I feel.

This project have made me much more aware about how I interact with my environment.
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