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Looking good!!!

Was out with the guys yesterday!
It was a blast!

It started with me changing my thinking and projecting them saying positve things about me.
Really hard, but I did it!

When we hit the club I was so chill that the bouncers thought I was too drunk even tough
I hadn't had any alcohol! HAHAHA! I quickly convinced them that wasn't the case!

The night was a blast. 5 random girls approached me just by me acting cool! ;-p

The real big thing of the night was two girls practically begging to take them home and fuck them.
However logistics and king winter medled (no taxi and blistering cold)
so they took their bus home while we waited half an hour to get a taxi.
However the girls stayed like 50 minutes in the cold with us and again they approached me...

I'm starting to get a handle on the whole, once the internal issues are done the externals take care of themself.
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