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After having read some Plato on the subway I realized that the only reason I read stuff like that
is that I deep down hope to use it to gain influence in some way.

Either by outsmarting others or getting them to admire my intelligence.
Why else would I do it if not for the promise of power.
It feels so weird knowing that I have gotten more effective tools from you guys on that
area, but still I have this intellectual draw towards stuff like that.

On a sidenote I chatted up a girl on the subway I recogniced from another context earlier.
That is something I don't think I would have done before not in the way it happened.
Earlier I would have thought about it and been should I, shouldn't I and then the opportunity
would have been over or it would have been massively creepy.

It left me with a good feeling!

Anyway besides from all the reading and stuff this weekend is supposed to have summer temperatures.
We will have to see if I can get myself out and about away from homework...
Cause the school I go to gives me a lot of it!

I'm rambling and I'm really ready for bed.
So good night to you RSDers whatever you may be up to.
The over analyzing me is signing off.
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