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I have boiled my whole problem with guys into one core issue.

I don't like being dominated and I don't like to dominate others.
But it seems to me that if I don't get comfortable dominating
dominating guys I will never get anywhere.


Being a human being is not all that fun right now.

I'm probably being a child wanting everyone to be friends,
hold hands and sing kum ba ya, like when I was young.

So I'm being tougher on the guys I live with, Mr Nice guy
has gone on vacation, and so far the results have been

But that just makes me sad!
Dominate or be dominated. :(

I don't look forward to interacting with people when
it is just a battle of wills no real friendship only,
I got my eyes on you so don't try any bullshit!

Hell I understand why people kill each other.
Less energy expended.
He won't be bothering anyone again...

Not that I would want to do something like that,
but I see the logic. :(

When i wake up  tomorrow things will be better,
they always are after a good night sleep!
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