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So Swiss girl has left, and two other swiss girls took her place in my room.
It is messing with my understanding of how stuff like this happen by having
girls come and go much more rapidly into my life than usual.
The vibe between me and the girls changes as some I'm more open with
and others I kinda close down around.
Depends on my mood alot.
It makes me reevaulate why I'm interacting with these people.
It becomes this process oriented thing that Tyler mentioned.

E-mailed a bit with the Estonian girl and is meeting her in a park tomorrow.
To feed the birds. She seem real excited, even sent me a map with a big arrow
and her phone number to make sure I understood where it was and to make
sure we would find each other.
This is the first second day from e-mail that works out for me so it is fun.
Dunno how it will go, but I will just try to come with a fun vibe and let it play out.
Should be a hell of a lot easier than with the Australian guy I had to compete with for attention from the girl from Holland. But that is ancient history now.
Even though it kinda messed with me at first and afterwards it messed with him,
before it finally messed with me and the whole deal was done. LOL what a mess.

Spend my days here doing stock trading and training Tai-Chi and still I have
more opportunities with women than I ever had in Norway just by staying in
a hostel. People just come and go and the barrier to talking is lower than cold approach. You are forced to interact almost. Some hostels are more conductive
to this than others, depends on the layout.
Oh well I'm learning and growing a lot on this journey.
Hope I can just go on like this forever. =D
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