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To many changes at one time.

I tripped over my dick and slid right back to watching porn.
In a weak moment I undid my filter and was back at it.

That is the problem with an external source to stop you.
It just becomes an obstacle that can easily be undone  with enough pressure.

I've overdone it in terms of expectations to myself in a way.
I need to rethink my approach to this area.

I have learned quite a bit from this ordeal, both about computers and my drives/motivations.
One thing is for sure.
I'm so happy I'm not a drug addict, cause this proves it would be hell to extract oneself from it.

I've watched a lot of Jon Steward today.
Funny guy, but not what I should be focusing on.
Still I've taken a lot of postive action the recent days in many areas.
So my backlash may come from an issue of me not feeling deep down that I deserve the course that
I've gotten myself onto.

This is only a temporary setback.
I will find a way to get over these issues.
How can I do it? (To self and others)
It is part porn addiction, part computer/internet addiction.
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In my opinion there is nothing wrong with watching porn. It don't decrease my sex drive at all maybe even increases it? Who told you not to watch porn?
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It is detrimental for me watching porn right now, so I will stop it.
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