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So I was out again yesterday night.

I have a buddy who has little approach anxiety.
Before I went to bootcamp I would watch him and
think man I wish I dared to do that.

Now I'm right up there doing it with him.

And he thinks it's just cool that I want to join him
for a night out and that I'm finally participating.

I have come to a point where I open girls every night
I go out, I even attempt to pull them home.
That part isn't fully solid yet, but I know what needs
improvement, and soon enough this will all be my new baseline.

I don't belive that I should talk about any specific sets on here
because I belive that that would put too much importance on
that specific girl and interaction.

This blog is kinda turning into my journal of sorts.
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Man glad to hear when i read this... keep it up!

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 Dude I found the same thing. I used to break down the night into every single interaction. Field reports would take two hours. 

It did a lot at first, but then it stopped helping me learn. I would just walk around all night trying to memorize the collection of events (in my head).
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Thanks Viktor.
Because of you guys I finally starting to throw away my selfimposed chains.

Now when I see a sexy girl shaking it for all to see I'm thinking there is my target.

Yes that is a waste of time writing up all the stuff that happened in a night Stateisking.
And if you have like 20 different guys giving their take of why you screwed up or what you
could do better you will only get confused.

I tried that when I was on mysterys lounge before taking RSDs bootcamp.
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