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Today I was invited to my only friend that is a girl. (In norwegian venninne)
English is such an inadequate language for describing male female relationships.

New english word friend-girl!!!

So I went over to my friend-girls house and had dinner.
We talked and got into the subject of emotions and I decided since
I have dealt with alot of emotions lately to open up and be honest about
where I felt I stood on the subject.

We talked for like 5 hours straight.
And with her help I managed to pin-point a couple of points that have been
eluding me lately. It has to do with caring feelings. And that I am basically
avoiding them. And that I don't view sex and caring feelings to be connected
and if they get mixed up I RUN!

I managed to help her realize a couple of things that was profound for her too
so it was a win-win situation.

I'm moving in the right direction, but I often feel it is going too slow.
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