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I've been trying to stay afloat in this wild wild world.

Good things and bad things have passed.

I feel I've made progress in some inner game areas so it is all good.
What do I mean by that?

I've had tons of it by my standards, and have come out on top on some major issues.
Saying NO when I don't feel like doing something.
So so hard...

Having the guts to push into unfamiliar territory in work. (Helps me in a way)

Meeting new people. Big one!

Learned a lot about psychology. Very valuable.
I now know that my MBTI is INFJ not INTJ. (for those that care)
I'm the sensitive confict avoidant type. (Story of my life...)

And before you start giving me crap about this stuff not working and blalblabla,
realice the simple fact that knowing my type I found a extensive howto,
on how people who think like me can set boundaries and better their life in general.
Witch ties directly into CONFLICT!

I've back on thinking positive in situations involving lots of people.
Thing is that I feel their collective eyes on me when thinking about doing stuff like this.
I've always been aware of the collective mood in a way.
I felt it was smothering. Doing the most basic RSD stuff felt like a chore to me.
Like running trough water.
However running trough water is very good exercise. =D

I know you guys have all this advice. Like tons and tons... (Really good)
However covering even 0,1% of all the advice is enough for me.
I mean how could you possibly expect anyone to do all that stuff?!
All you can do is chose an area and work at that until you get it.
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