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Wow the idea about reality in my head kinda shifted today.
StepVhen was kind enough to point me in the right direction.

All I needed to do was commit suicide.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not refering to the body that is typing this,
but the idea this body had about self.

It is inconvenient when communicating to omit the concept of I so I will still use it in writing
when convenient.

So how is life after death?

Well frankly liberating.
No need to keep track of all the "I am" statements.

"I am a nerd."
No wait I should change that to "I am cool" now.

That's why affirmations are so fucking hard work...
You need to go in and manually edit every stupid idea you ever had about yourself.
Instead of realizing that yourself is a really bad idea.

How about just being?

Still need to manage old habits of course.
Those nerve bundles in the brain won't unwire themself you know.
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Starlight 1987

Starlight 1987


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 Yeah it's quite the trip Bagua ain't it =D
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It is! Still dealing with the implications...
No carcrash needed indeed! teeth

However the message would have been lost without knowing The Book of Tao.
Read that book several times the last 10 years.

First time reading it there was an attempt to just be.
However had too much neediness to maintain it, so just used it as a guiding philosophy.
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