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Now that I don't have to factor my gf into my life,
I'm starting to see a whole new world of opportunities.
I was trying to fit her into the picture all the time, but now I can do stuff that would be impossible before.

I'm thinking about becoming a poker nomad. Renting houses here and there and just traveling the
world while playing online poker.
I'm starting to develop some skills in that area and will continue down that path until I'm good enough
to pay my way in this world.
If I do it that way I will have something besides pick-up so I won't make it into a validation thing for me.
And I get to meet lots of girls in my travels.
Can see how that would be a golden formula.

Anyway I'm a lot less desperate now that I'm comming out of an relationship I choose to end
cause it wasn't working up to my "Jungian standard".
I find that holding people up to a "Jungian standard" makes me very poweful and solid.
Welcome to my reality. ;)
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