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I've been away from this site for some days now since I've trying to get a handle on
my new life.

In some sense it's weird. I'm not used to this shit.
People treat me alot different and I guess I act a bit different.

Some of my relationships may fall apart new ones may form and some will strengthen
and some of them might evan stay more or less the same.

People react to my new look I've found. Espescially people who don't know me.
I can feel a subtle change in respect maybe?

But is a bald head the difference in all that or is it more?
I guess I see myself in a new light too and that probably comes through in the way I act.

When it comes to people I have less fear. Still have some, but to a much lesser degree.
I see myself as more worthy I think. In social situations I feel that I have a right to be there.

I've been working on breaking down the glass walls in my life. I had alot of apologetic bodylanguage according to Alex. And I often get this weird urge to explain myself to

Regardless my life is better not just socially, but I have more courage and creativity in other
areas in my life too.

I get into more conflict like situations, but that is because I refuse to back down on issues that
I before let pass.

Oh well enough rambling.
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sounds good.

nice name i'm interested in baguazhang as well. sadly there is no master in my hometown.
haircut-wise i'm going in another direction though. ^^
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nice man I went through that too, its awesome, definitely a bumpy road that does not always get better but sometimes gets A LOT worse before it gets good again .

Keep it up!
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Thanks ozymandias and thrice26.

I managed to pull myself out of it.
Now everything is sweet.

ozymandias don't focus on that master stuff.
You only need another that has the same interest or have some intermediate skill.
A master can't really help you with his knowledge before your an expert anyway.

If you where going to learn chess would you not play,
just because there wasn't any Kasparovs nearby?
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