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This was a day where I wasn't too much outside.

Had work to do at home first and then I procratinated...
I know, I know...

Anyway the two times I was outside today I played a bit with the projections.
I also got a useful comment on an earlier blog post about meditation and will play with that too.

The lessons for today is that if I'm not totally aware of this shit right before I see the woman
I will do the negative projection without thinking.

However I did it on as many as I met when I did think about it.

So not totally huge day on this topic, but it is important to be honest with oneself and look
for lessons and solutions.

I will set it as a goal too seek out at least 30 controlled positive projections a day.
If I doesn't come accross enough females that I get it done naturally during the day!

I'm starting to belive that this will take me to the next level. :)
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