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Today was another day spent being aware, noticing and changing my projections on girls.
I notice that I'm less tense in some situations already.

I have to constantly interupt negative ideas flooding automaticaly when
I see beautiful women, I was just down at the store and there was an attractive girl at
the register. I noticed as I was about to pay that the projections picked up the pace
and became a low buzz. And everything I said to her through the buzz seemed strained.

I hadn't really noticed before.

It is a mix of negative voices and movies all trying to distract me.

This will probably take two weeks at least.
I will post on my progress on this issue every day until the 22 of february and see
where that will take me.
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i had that problem too. I had to take the anothy roberts thingi where i couldn't have a negative thought for two weeks. It makes you reframe everything, it's fuckin' awesome. Turns out it wasn't so much my negative thoughts, than other poeple's negative thoughts affect me. sonofabitch. Now that i don't let myself become controlled by them i'm better
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Anthony Robbins sure got a lot of good ideas!
I noticed others negative thoughts the time I read Anthony Robbins.

This time it has no correlation to other peoples thoughts.
Only me and the stuff in my head.

I'm glad your better because of it.
I hope to get better too!
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