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I've been learning alot about the Myers Briggs personality indicator lately.

I've been exposed to it before, but after seeing how accurate it can be
I have dedicated a lot more time to unraveling it.

The personality I get is INTJ.

I am a pragmatic perfectionist in other word.
And I have serious feeling issues.
I kinda knew that, but it helps to have it verified.

I don't belive that this stuff is written in stone.
I plan to assosiate a lot with people who have the traits I need to advance.

My two flatmates is ENTJ and ESTP and that has helped me alot having to deal with
two so strong and extraverted personalities. :)
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This could be a lot of bollocks you know?
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 ***I was just thinking about this some more....

Here's another way of looking at it...

This has some value in the sense that 

1) it is accurate in the first play

2) assuming it is that the person concerned will not change

Therefore its accuracy may be limited 
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Ah the ENTJ, looking to find the bollocks in everything! :)

After getting people around me to take it too, I will say that it is fairly accurate, but too broad.

The indicator/test would need to be way more extensive to find your "true" personality.
However the only types nerd enough to unravel that is the INTP's and only to their own

The use I find in determining that I'm an INTJ is that it shows my strengths and limitations.

Being an Introvert I need to hang around more Extroverts like yourself.
Being an Intuitive I need to hang out with Sensers.
Being a Thinker I need to hang out with Feelers.
Being a Judger I need to hang out with Percivers

Every system breaks down if you try to find a flaw
look at it as a tool that might be useful for gaining self-knowledge.
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