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So in my new world super hot girls are attracted to me just by showing up,
and guys get insecure and either attack me or avoid me.
I'm not doing much other than focus on my inner states basically.

I've been working alot on my basic attitude toward the women I interact with.
Like I want to have a loving attitude in general towards them.
I want to smile be happy and feel good around them.
Or else I see no fucking point in this whole "success" with women thing.
If sex was all there where to it I might as well earn a lot of money
and just buy hookers. Cause there you get everything except the connection.

And the connection is what one craves, hot girls connecting on a personal
level with you. Couple of days ago I had two Spanish girls litterally drooling
over me. I was engaged funny and a foreigner. All you need for sure.
Probably some other factors at play that I don't had attention on too.

I've met this new Swiss chick that is really interesting and had some good
connected moments with her. That is real important for me know.
And I don't mind if the logistics happen so it don't manifest towards
anything or not. As long as I'm interacting with that feminine energy,
without having the feminine energy make me desperate or depressed.

I've been thinking about it and to me this is sort of like healing inner wounds.
Wounds that have been aquired over many, many years.
They don't evaporate right away just because my odds with women has improved significally. But every good interaction with a woman makes it
slightly better. This month probably represent like 20% of all validating
experiences with women in my whole life so far. That makes a deep impression.

The whole idea that all women are one really paint meeting new women in
a new light. Now I'm much more chill and don't mind if any particular hottie,
makes her exit, a new one who is of the same "essence" will enter almost
immediately. It is like my "angel" was just out shopping.
Any women can be a manifestation of my angel, and then this becomes
just a continual romance, sort of. Makes me far less hesitant of being
emotionally open towards women, and they notice.

Now despite this new view, things are far from perfect.
I've noticed that I need to work on my skills in leading.
Also I let go of a lot of opportunities I could have gotten.
I need to work on becomming even more comfortable with being physical
with women I've just met, I've made some progress, but still I often hesitate.
Well that is all for now anyway.
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