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I got this advice from Laaavish to do mediation and reframing.
It works pretty well.

Every time I feel resentment or similar emotions build up
I sit down, close my eyes focses on as little as possible like an image in my mind
and breathes deeply in trough my nose and out trough my mouth several times.

Disipates the problems from my mind pretty quick.

Afterwards I tell myself that I don't really care about the behaviour in question since it is really
their issue not mine. And me getting upset over them having an issue is pretty stupid.

At first I thought that doing this every time I had a bad emotion over stuff like that would be impractical,
but actually it saves me time. Since I sure as hell would waste more time being pissed than the couple
of minutes it takes to disipate it.

You are a real lifesaver Laaavish!
I have a very huge stressor in my life right now that threatened to derail me bigtime.
Now I'm back on track and issues like these will soon become a distant memory! =D
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