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So I've been flirting with this girl.
I had her phone and face and we had an idea about going to a certain concert.
However the logistics wasn't really tight so I wrote a message to her on face.

So I wrote a funny follow-up...

Still nothing.

I looked at my god damn phone...
I have had this aversion to calling girls in the past on the phone.
But now I picked up the good damn thing and called her.
Instant clarity!
Now I know what is up, instead of sitting biting my nails on facebook.
That is my usual pattern, avoiding the phone until all other ways of communicating has been exhausted.

And then I have usually become so desperate that I've managed to screw it up by becomming a chode.
Not this time.
This is a massive improvement on my part, managing to communicate in constructive ways with
girls instead of going all Mikey in Swingers on them.

This calls for some celebration! Cake for me!!! =D
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