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I'm in Barcelona right now.
Just packed my bags and jumped on a flight.
I couldn't take it anymore, Norway and it's winter!!!!!!!!!!!!
My family and their beaten track. :-/

So now I'm here with sun and girls everywhere.
So far I've made out with a girl on a beer festival.
Unfortunately logistics don't work well when you are new in the city.

Still I'm proud of myself from being able to attract a girl and have
such an interaction the first night I was out.
It proves that I've progressed a lot farther than I was before I was in a relationship.

So yeah I now got new sticking points.
Like the Spanish language. XD

I've learnt a lot about myself from getting exposed to different people here.
Such a different culture, and all sorts of guys/gals comming and going in
the hostel rooms I live in.

Life is sure more fun and interesting now.

I see my ramblings about poker eariler.
Yeah was I to become great at that....
Long story short.
I needed to move my retirement fund.
And decided to test putting them in stocks.
That was fun, and now I trade in stocks while I run around in Barcelona. =D
I earn far more money there than I could ever hope to earn at poker,
and the effort that goes in is like only 1% of what I would have to invest in poker. Luckily poker and stocks have much in common and I could adopt my learnings to poker to the stock market on the fly. So far it is good and I earn money from it. Man why didn't I do this before. XD
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