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Lately I have broken down my reality.
Been trough shit and lots of stress.

But now I have settled on a new level of being.

I train every day now, take care of my health, take care of my finances, push my comfort zone with women more
than I ever did before, I  just take actions towards my goals in one shape or form every day.

I have alot of systems in place to make sure that I don't fall
back to my previous version of myself, but rather constantly move in the right direction.

So now I can see and belive in a better future for myself.
Before I was content just getting by.

Watching tv-series and playing games endlessly while the rest of my life went down the drain.
No more of that!
Now I use my like for cartoons and computer games to my advantage!

If I want to play I need to pay!
Pay with approaches or other actions that put me on the way to success!
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