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The way forward is through focus!

In any moment I can be happy or sad.
It's my choice!

I can go enjoy something nice in my life,
or I can seek out some negativity.

Negativity is easy. If you want it you have it.
Lots of people stand by to help you decend down into that black hole.

Positivity on the other hand is just as easy.
It hides in plain sight. Behind all the negativity that you focus on.

At any moment it is your for the taking if you just let go of negativity.

Ah yeah!

Had to get that one off my chest.
This day has been very good on many levels.

I could go into the specifics, but I remember someone saying
that talking about things that happens to you, dissipates the meaning.
And right now that meaning is what is floating my boat even higher.

One idea from Antony Robbins that have been really helpful
to me lately.

You don't need many ideas to succeed.
What you need is ideas that you apply!

That is so true. I can sit all day and mull over videoes here at RSD.
However nothing happens unless,
I decide to go out and use ANY of them..
It doesn't matter whatidea I use as long as I go out and take action.

Anyway I think I will head out into the sun,
instead of hanging around my computer being a nerd. XD
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