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I have gotten into several distinct problems.
I would never have belived I would have to deal with such issues.

But here I'm after the fact many experiences richer.

I've experienced female cattyness up close.
Been subject to stupid mindgames.
Been the subject of jealousy.
Intimidated women cause I eliminated weaknesses while keeping the over-compansation.
Been critized for being too honest.
Told to act differently in the name of convention.
Have guys shake and almost cry cause I was angry with them.
Have girls act all huffy over not being chosen after talking to them.
Having more opportunity than I can handle and facing the fact that it is all up to me who gets lucky.
etc etc...

Thing is no matter what happens I will get new sets of problems in my life.
So I need to accept that my life will never be perfect or problemfree no matter what results I get.
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