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Lately I have had some major breaktroughs in Jungian psychology and the understanding
of how I relate to others.
I have gotten more stable due to having put in some major effort in fixing a cognitive imbalance
I had developed as a defence mechanism.
This was responsible for many of the behaviors that I've ranted at length about in this forum.

After reflecting on it, it is clear to me that I relate most to Tyler's approach.
Alex has many helpful hints, but since implementing empathy has proved elusive
and Jungian psychology offering me som clues to why that is
I have decided to put that aside for now.

Alex has much great advice and I respect him much, but that piece of advice doesn't
compute right now so I will revisit later.

One thing Tyler said was, be who you are!
That has started to make more sense lately and I have started to proudly proclaim being a Nerd!
People are dumbfounded. They don't know what to say since I'm not weak about it.

I still get into lots of confusing situations, but I've noticed that it doesn't bother me as it used to.

I've also have started a cleanup project with my family and friends where I'm working on
moving the interactions in a more healthy and understanding way in line with what I've
learned from my protracted studies of jung.

I've glad I've been able to take these steps.

The advice Alex provided last time about center of gravity over the hip has turned out great
for me. I feel more in control and I notice that people respect my precence more.
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