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So I went out of the door and down to the train station.

And guess what.
I didn't know how to approach.
Or more correct didn't manage to pick a line to use.
I just rejected line after line.

The test that verified it was that as soon as I tried to use my old line I approached
almost immediately.
However my old line isn't getting me anywhere.

So if anybody have a good frame, line, topic, role or idea of how I can take my daygame to
the next level I would appreciate it!

If not I will just have to experiment more.
Be more courageuos probably.
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I know what you mean I got the same problem.. 
I was told to fuck the lines, and try to go more direct..
Like: Hey I'm .... shake her hand-> your a cutie, with a smile:) and then move the conversation another direction... Talk about some random shit that is going on.

Good luck, don't give up:))
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Thanks for the advice!

Tried a version of it just now out.
Just me going up and being chatty.

It worked great. Unfortunately the two guys I was out with
got jealous of my new level of skill and started to sabotage me.

I ditched them and will never trust them in situations like that again.

Another thing that worked for me tonight was that everytime I started to lose state
I told myself the following.

"Nobody really cares that you're miserable, so you might as well be happy."
Boom instant good mood!

Take care!
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Oceans of Abundance


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Dude sounds like by that time you wernt in a reasorcefull state.
so probably nothing would have worked but.....
you could intentionly say something that would be a funny story to tell your mates about your approaches.
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