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I was added by the Romanian girl on face.
Previously I've never managed to really have access to a girl I like online and not freak
out over the possibilty to be able to communicate 24/7 and usually ended up sending
some lame chody message that basically screamed insecurity.

Now I'm doing much better and interact very good with her.
It is all about not feeling you have anything to hide.
I made sure she knows I like her, but I didn't do so in a weak way.
I mixed it in between the lines in a convo about a book she recommended me.
I subtly accussed her of having too distracting pics of herself online screwing up
my focus on the theme of the book.
She has like really nice bikini pics on face that you would think was from some model photoshoot, but you realise is just her being a bit creative with a camera plus being damn hot.

So she is off to London on some trip until sunday, but when she told me that she also
told me in the same sentence, but we can catch up on monday on such and such venue. =D
Lol she wants to meet again...
It is like this unreal dream sometimes.

Tonight I will go out with my new flatmates here in Valencia and some people they know.
Could be cool.

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