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I want to post on Jungian cognitive theory and it's implications.

I have now read and prosessed some of Carl Jungs work and
it have been very helpful in how I see myself.

I'm typed as an INTJ.
That means that I think with the following functions.
Intraverted Intuition.
Extraverted Thinking.
Intraveted Feeling.
Extraverted Sensing.

Or said in an other way:
What I sense I take in with my intutition in a subjective way.
My thinking then sorts it with an object oriented approach.
The objects are then given value judgments by my feelings.
I then compare the value judged objects to what I really see in the real world.

This have helped me pinpoint exacly where I have gone wrong
when I've been trying to ask for help with my problems.

I have been doing negative long term future projections on girls I meet.
Not negative short term future projections as I once belived.

Jungian theory has some flaws, among them it is easy to latch on to an ocean of
stereotypes that surround the typing.
RSD prepared me well for sidestepping all of that nonsense so it is all good.
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This means that when you meet girls, you project a negative future with them?
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Yes that is exactly what I've been doing and it has demotivated me beyond messure.
If you belive that something will end badly you avoid it or leave
before it can end badly.

I have been half aware that I did it and that it was somehow bad.
This is the first time I've put the floodlights on the issue and
made a commitment to fix it.
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