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Summer is here and all is well!

Life has a way to put you trough all sorts of ups and downs.
However as long as you stick with a positive focus you will get your reward in the end.

Yesterday I had the girls of an event all over me.
Even the married ones, many a husband was jealously suspicious.
Not that they had any real reason to worry since married women are not my cup of tea.
They are great for making the single one that you want feel more interested
without any blowback of hurt feelings and drama of the pawn.

My ability of reframing events in realtime have given me mood superpowers.
No negative event have any sway over me for longer than the time it takes me
to realize that I had a negative experience.
The sequence I go trough to neutralize the negative assosiation is so well established
that it takes me 10 seconds flat to do it to any emotion or memory that plauges me.

I can now  apply the advice of RSD without worry about moodswings.

The level I have delved into psychology now is not for everybody, as most people on this
board isn't as emotionally screwed up that they need to. Or maybe I'm wrong... XD

I have found that Alex relaxed style works better for me than Tylers hitting it up style.
I'm not naturally all over the place, I'm more calm, running around hitting it up is not my cup
of tea unless I find myself in such a state by a fluke.

Anyway, have a continued good summer with lots of fun! =D
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